We believe that when people have a genuine work/life balance they produce amazing work. And by focusing on working smarter, not harder, we can enjoy our jobs a little bit more and become less stressed in the process.  So we’ve implemented a Smartwork methodology which permeates everything we do. 

      Smartwork not only enables us to produce incredible content & design, it also means more time and less stress for everyone that works with and for us. Which we think is pretty cool.

We have incorporated Product Thinking, Kaizen and Kanban (hyperlink each to a site that explains more about those methodologies?) working methodologies in to our everyday working practices.

This means we:

Agree to pursue evolutionary change

Encourage acts of leadership at every level

Limit work in progress and focus on finishing things, not working on things

Improve collaboratively, evolve experimentally

Have feedback loops which focus on continuous improvement

Smartwork is not just working practices and processes, it's also how our attitude to work has a wider impact on our whole lives. It is doing the right things at the right time, using the right communications channels and tech solutions, structuring your time and managing energy levels, having meetings only when absolutely necessary, not getting distracted by emails and messages.

      Smartwork dictates how we communicate and work with partners, and ensures we take a considered approach not just to the quality of our work but also the quality and importance of our partners time. It means we take a genuinely consultative approach and fully understand the brands we work with and ask the right questions at the right time




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